GC3 Announces Partnership with LOTH and Steelcase

GC3 Announces Partnership with LOTH and Steelcase



August 31, 2017


The GC3 Board of Trustees and staff are thrilled to announce a partnership with LOTH and Steelcase.  Both companies will share a sponsorship supporting GC3’s efforts to facilitate collaboration between higher education and the workforce development and business communities.  This will promote the region as a high impact learning destination, advancing the economy, culture and overall quality of life.


The partnership has been supported by Karen Singer, Director of Healthcare and Education Solutions at LOTH and Mary Nessler, Regional Education Leader at Steelcase Education.  Both companies see this partnership as a way to impact the region, which supports their businesses’, associates’ and families’ lives.  “Higher education is a critical asset to the region,” acknowledges Ms. Singer.  “What better way to improve the area than to help facilitate collaboration between the business community and higher education organizations.”  Mrs. Nessler adds, “LOTH and Steelcase have partnered in business initiatives in the Greater Cincinnati for decades. I was very excited when Karen approached me about the opportunity to support GC3 and the region.”


“I would like to thank LOTH and Steelcase for their desire to actively participate in the region.  Both companies are leaders in their industry and go beyond the ordinary in their willingness to make a difference in Greater Cincinnati,” says Janet Piccirillo, Executive Director.  “I look forward to working with Karen and Mary to improve higher education and retaining the talent here in Greater Cincinnati.”


Go to www.gccollegiateconnection.org for more information on GC3

Go to www.lothinc.com for more information on LOTH

Go to www.Steelcase.com/discover/information/education for more information on Steelcase Education.



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