About GC3

Students of GCCCU

The Greater Cincinnati Collegiate Connection taps the collective power of 18 higher education institutions in Greater Cincinnati to strengthen every aspect of our regional economy, culture and quality of life. Representing the region’s largest workforce of more than 18,000 education professionals, Consortium members deliver more than $2 billion in annual economic impact to Greater Cincinnati. Through cross-registration and other programs, GC3 members serve more than 138,000 students and their families, helping every student – of every age, ability and aspiration – discover the spark that drives their personal success and achievement. The GC3's collaborative network of professors, instructors and administrators represents one of the nation’s most accomplished and knowledgeable collections of subject experts and thought leaders, and serves as a leading voice on higher education trends and issues in Greater Cincinnati and around the U.S.


GC3 is the voice of higher education in Greater Cincinnati, supporting a strong, diverse collective of institutions, and promoting the region as a high-impact learning destination that advances the regional economy, culture, and overall quality of life.


GC3 advocates for higher education and uses the collective strength of its institutional members to positively influence the value of higher learning in the Greater Cincinnati region.  It promotes professional development and opportunities for collaborative learning to advance the effectiveness of all members.


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