Part-Time/Adjunct Faculty Insurance Program

“GC3, and most of our member colleges and universities, are unable to provide medical care benefits to adjunct faculty. With the recent changes as a result of the Affordable Care Act, and because finding a reliable agent and a reputable policy provider is sometimes difficult for individuals who are not members of a group medical insurance plan; GC3 has made arrangements with a local insurance provider to assist you with individual health care coverage.

For infomration on enrollment periods and to see if your family qualifies for a Special Enrollment Period (SEP), please contact Melissa Lusby, at CAI Insurance, who has agreed to assist any GC3 adjunct or part-time faculty member with obtaining coverage. Ms. Lusby will respond to any questions you may have regarding such insurance. Feel free to contact Ms. Lusby by phone at 513-221-1140 or via e-mail should you be interested in obtaining coverage or if you have any questions.”