Faculty & Staff

Teacher in class

Individually, each GC3 member is an important Greater Cincinnati institution, serving its faculty, students and community with the highest standards. Together, GC3 is more powerful than the sum of its parts, providing unmatched professional development and networking opportunities to more than 18,000 faculty and staff across the region. GC3 connects every higher education professional in the organization to the government, business and civic leaders and influencers who drive regional success.

As part of its mission to "promote higher education in the Greater Cincinnati Area", GC3 strives to provide quality professional development events and resources for the faculty and staff at its member institutions. Through the efforts of a variety of committees, GC3 sponsors annual faculty development workshops, seminars and conferences for full-time, part-time and adjunct faculty as well as the annual Celebration of Teaching honoring the teaching award winners from each member institution.

GC3 also sponsors professional development events aimed at enhancing the leadership, customer service and personal development of staff at the GC3 member institutions.

Through these efforts, GC3 seeks to strengthen the educational and administrative elements of each institution to improve higher education as a whole.

Every year, GC3 has over 600 faculty and staff from its fifteen member institutions participate in its faculty and staff development events.