Financing Interns

Resources to help businesses locate funding to pay interns and to develop costing in the budget process going forward.


Employer Resources for Paying Interns


Work Study:  

Non-profit partners of local universities may be eligible to participate in the Work Study program.  In order to do so, an application must be completed and approved and the non-profit organization would have to hire a Work Study-eligible student.  Positions through Work Study are limited to part-time and the employer would only have to pay 25% of the student’s salary. 

(Is there a centralized source of information about Work Study that we could refer employers to?)

The Scripps Howard Foundation
Provides salaries for interns that work for approved non-profit companies.  An application must be submitted and approved and I believe there is a two-year waiting list.  They cover the cost of an intern from these majors only:  marketing, communications and journalism and the student must be a junior or a senior pursuing a degree in one of these programs.  These positions are limited to 10 hours per week.

Gen-1 Grant – Non-profit companies who hire a student from UC’s Gen-1 program can be reimbursed for their intern’s salary.

Other potential funding sources include: