Whether you are looking for a specific degree program, an intern, information on higher education costs, potential talent pool, GC3 has developed a resource to meet your needs.  The resources listed on this page are available to the community, students, parents, higher education and business professionals.

Degree Finder - A searchable database listing all of academic program options at the 15 GC3 colleges and Universities.

Compare College Costs - A searchable database allowing users to comapare costs for colleges and universities throughout the United States.

Internship Toolkit -  A resource designed to help employers in the Cincinnati region create new and refresh existing internships/co-ops for students pursuing higher education certificates and degrees. 

Intern Navigator - Guides employers to the “right” individual at our region’s colleges and universities to connect you with an intern to meet your company's needs.  A searchable database listing all academic programs offered at the 15 local GC3 colleges and universities.  Once you find the program(s) you are looking for, the database identifies a single point of contact to assist you in finding an intern for your position. 

Higher Education Total Cost of Attendance - Allows higher education and business professionals to review and compare Total Cost of Attendance data, including  Metropolitan Statistical Area and Household data.

Cincinnati Talent Pipeline Data - The data reflects the most recent final graduation data availabe from the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES).  Use the searchable database to identify the number of potential employees in specific academic program produced by the GC3 colleges and universities in 2021.  

Cincinnati Region Industry Talent Pipeline - The searchable database allow you to identify the number of graduates in programs which correspod to any or all of the industries with the most potential or growth in the Cincinnati Region.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Toolkit - Thie resource assists colleges and universities to assess their current state of DEI effectiveness and infuse DEI into their strategy.