Suggested Process

Following is an outline of a process an institution may use to track a participant’s progress through the portfolio program. Each institution may modify the process in ways that are consistent with the outcomes of this program.


The Portfolio Program Contact meets with the faculty member to outline the program, discuss a tentative schedule for progressing through the program, explain the review process and identify the reviewer.

Develop the Portfolio 

  • Completed portfolio includes documentation illustrating the faculty member has met the criteria in all areas outlined on the Portfolio Content Area Rubric. 
  • A single professional development event may be applicable to more than one competency listed on the rubric. 
  • Publications, presentations, workshop attendance/facilitation, etc… completed before or after entering the program may be used to demonstrate competencies outlined in the Portfolio Content Area Rubric.
  • The faculty member completes a checklist for each content area. The portfolio might also include support documents such as syllabi, class activities used by the faculty member, or student performance results showing effective implementation of the skill area (see portfolio content listed below.
  • The faculty member will complete a Portfolio Program Reflection Form for each professional development event/activity included in the portfolio. This is an opportunity for the faculty member to illustrate the skill/competency has been implemented and the faculty member has reflected upon its success (or not) in enhancing instruction.
  • The Portfolio Program Contact, or designated reviewer, may periodically meet with the faculty member to discuss progress through the program.

Review & Completion

When the portfolio is reviewed, the reviewer will either notify the Portfolio Program Contact the faculty member has successfully completed the program or provide suggestions for further professional development. Portfolios needing further development may be re-submitted for review.

Submitting the Portfolio

Program participants are encouraged to obtain periodic, incremental feedback as they progress through the program. This may be done through the following steps.

The participant will:

  • seek feedback on their progress as needed;
  •  submit the completed checklist(s) and any support/ relevant materials (i.e. flyer/brochure outlining the goals/description of a workshop; documentation of experience,  etc…).

The reviewer will

  •  note whether or not any content area(s) on the rubric have been completed;
  • provide feedback regarding progress/completion.

Upon successful completion of the program:

  • The reviewer will notify the Program Contact at their institution the faculty member has successfully completed the program;
  • The Program Contact will notify the GC3 Office;
  • The GC3 Office will issue a Certificate of Completion to the individual faculty member;
  • The certificate is to be maintained by the individual. No record will be kept on file with GC3.

Please Note:

  • Individual participants in the portfolio program are responsible for maintaining their portfolios, which means making decisions about the format. Participants might choose to house the entire portfolio in a hard-copy format that might eventually be scanned. Participants might choose to develop and maintain their portfolio within an electronic format (an ePortfolio), which typically makes it more readily accessible to a wider range of audiences. An ePortfolio might be housed in a commercial product such as LiveBinder,  LiveText, TaskStream, or iWebfolio (which have annual subscription charges); or within freeware programs online such as WordPress or Wikispaces. Regardless of the format, the entire portfolio is the responsibility of the participant, therefore they are urged to maintain backup copies of all important materials.
  • There is no monetary incentive associated with completion of the Teaching Portfolio Program unless otherwise specified by the individual institution. Any increase in salary, pay grade, etc…. is solely at the discretion of the faculty member’s employing institution.