Teaching Portfolio

The Teaching Portfolio Program provides the opportunity for faculty to document their professional development activities related to teaching and learning and build a portfolio illustrating their competencies in the specified portfolio content areas.

The purpose of the program is to:

  • Enhance the benefits of faculty professional development activities 
  • Showcase instructors’ pedagogical strategies 
  • Enable faculty to gain feedback for their professional development from designated reviewers 
  • Help faculty document effective teaching and thus use portfolios where appropriate in performance reviews 
  • Help institutions document effective teaching during program reviews or accreditation reports 

To complete the program, participants will need to compile a portfolio to demonstrate professional development in several areas. The portfolio will include professional development on the following topics:

The program does include several opportunities for the facutly member to evaluate each professional development activity they participate in and illustrate how it has been implemented into their teaching.

After each activity, the participant is to complete a GC3 Portfolio Program Reflection Form.

At the completion of the program, the participant will complete the GC3 Portfolio Program Capstone Reflection Form.

All of these content areas are included in a MOOC for the entire program. This allows the coordinator to  more easily oversee and assist faculty and makes record keeping easier for faculty members. Access to the GCCCU Faculty Portfolio Program MOOC is obtained through the Portfolio Program Coordinator on your campus.  Follow the above link to take a look.

To view the content areas included in the Portfolio Program, click here for a copy of the Portfolio Content Area Rubric.

Any faculty at any of the 18 GC3 member institutions interested in the program are encouraged to contact the Portfolio Program Contact at their institution.

Click on the link to see a list of the Portfolio Program Contacts at each member institution.

Click on the link to review the Teaching Portfolio Summary Sheet which outlines the process for participating and completing the program.