Cross-Registration Program

Cross-Registration is a program sponsored by GC3 which enables a matriculated, degree-seeking student at a GC3 member institution to take courses at another GC3 member institution. The student interested in cross-registering must be enrolled at least part-time at their "home" institution and must obtain all appropriate approvals from both the home and host institutions before registering. Students who cross-register pay the tuition at their home institution, but are responsible for course-related fees to the host institution.

Over the past five years, over 2200 students at GC3 member institutions have cross-registered for over 7300 semester hours at host institutions. Follow this link to read how GC3's Cross-Registration helped a student graduate on time.

GC3 also has an agreement allowing students at GC3 member institutions to cross register at an institution which is a member of the Southwestern Ohio Council on Higher Education (SOCHE). GC3/SOCHE Cross-Registration Agreement (48Kb PDF)

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Cross-Registration Guidelines and Procedures

Definition, Purpose, and General Information

  • Cross Registration is a program of the Greater Cincinnati Collegiate Connection created in 1973 to allow students access to academic opportunities not available at their own institutions.
  • Students at any of the seventeen member institutions may register to take courses at any of the other sixteen institutions.  This program is intended for students to expand their knowledge or expertise, or who need a course not being offered at their home institution during the term, especially to remain on track to graduate.  The intent is not to provide a more convenient course schedule.  Cross-Registration should not be approved if the course is scheduled during the term unless a conflict exists which can't be changed and/or the student will not complete their degree on time. Additional approval may be required in such cases.
    • Courses categorized as Workshops are not available for cross registration.
    • All classes are available for cross registration on a space available basis, with permission of the host institution.
  • For the Cross Registration program, the following designations are used:
    • Home Institution refers to the institution at which the student is regularly enrolled in a degree program.
    • Host Institution refers to the institution to which the student will go to take classes through the GC3.


  • Student Enrollment
    • Full Time or half time students may take courses through GC3 Cross Registration. Full or half time status is determined by the home institution.
    • Summer enrollment status is determined by the student's credit hour load the previous semester or term.
    • To be eligible for Cross Registration, students must be enrolled (matriculated) in a bona fide degree program at one of the GC3 institutions.
    • Full-Time Faculty and staff members at member institutions who are enrolled in bona fide degree programs at a GC3 institution may enroll in GC3 classes for credit. Those not in degree programs may enroll on an "audit" basis.
  • Number of Credits
    • In a given semester or term, full time students may take up to two (2) courses or six (6) credit hours at another institution, and half time students may take no more than half of their credits at another institution in a given term. Students in institutions on semesters should check with their home institutions regarding limits on quarter hours taken at other institutions.
  • The credit hour limit is per the term.  The hours can be divided amongst more than one school, but can not total more than 6 hours or 2 courses per term. 
  • The number of credits taken during the summer is limited to the home institution's academic regulations.

Registration Procedures

  • At Home Institution
    • Students can acquire information on courses at other institutions from theGC3 website or the registration office at their home institution, including course offerings, registration times, and information on prerequisites and fees.
    • Students must get appropriate approval from the home institution (i.e.., their academic advisor) to take selected course(s). Some institutions require written approval.
    • The student initiates the Cross-Registration process in the registration office of the home institution. The student completes the Cross-Registration Form, and any other forms required by the home institution, at that time.
    • Staff at the Home institution are to check the Home school’s course schedule to insure the requested course is not offered at the Home school during the term. 
    • Cross-Registration form must be signed by designated GC3 liaison person in the home institution's registration office.
  • At Host Institution
    • Students can get information on host institution, such as dates, contact person, office to go to, etc., from the GC3 Website or the home institution's Registrar's office.
    • Students should contact the host institution to determine if space is available in the course(s).
    • After approval has been acquired at the home institution, the student takes the approved Cross-Registration Form to host institution, and completes course registration, according to that institution's policies.
    • Cross-Registration Status will not be granted retroactively to a registration at another GC3 member. The student must have the Cross-Registration Form completed, including all approvals, upon registration at the Host School.

Additional Procedures

  • Status Changes
    • Any changes in enrollment status (drop/add) must be completed at both institutions.
  • Grades/Transcripts
    • After completion of course, the student's transcript is mailed to student's home institution and becomes part of the student's permanent academic record.
    • The manner in which GC3 classes are transcripted (e.g.., whether a grade transfers, or whether a course counts as residency) at the home institution is up to the discretion of that institution. Students should check with their home institution.
    • Quarter hours are converted to semester hours, and vice versa, as is appropriate to the student's home institution, according to the home institution's conversion formula.
    • Transcripts of student's courses are retained by the host institution.
  • Tuition and Fees
    • Tuition is paid at the home institution, as part of normal semester or term tuition, by the advertised deadline.
    • Student is responsible to the host institution for any special or extra fees that are a part of courses taken, such as lab fees.
    • Fees Assessed by the Host Institution
      • Student is responsible to the host institution for fees associated with the instruction of courses taken, such as lab fees or an additional fee associated with instruction of an on-line course, course materials, etc…  Members will only assess fees directly associated with course instruction.
      •  Fees which the student may have already paid to their home institution may not be assessed by the host institution.  Such fees include, but are not limited to:
        • Application fees
        • Technology fees
        • Registration fees
        • Medical Insurance
        • Facility fees
        • Student Activities fees
        • Late Registration fees
      • While a parking permit for the host institution is not required to cross-register, students are encouraged to purchase one.  Students are responsible for fines resulting from parking violations at the host institution.
    • Administrative Fee:
      • An administrative fee of $10 per credit hour will be payable to the home institution and remitted to the GC3 office. 
      • The fee is non-refundable (unless the host institution is not able to accommodate the student).
      • The fee will be assessed by the GC3 office according to the number of credit hours reported each term. 
      • The home institution has the discretion whether to absorb the fee and pay the sum to GC3 or have students cover the cost of the fee when they complete the cross-registration process.  If the institution chooses to charge the students, the institution is responsible for collecting the fee from the student. 
      • The GC3 office will invoice each member after each term: Fall, Spring and Summer.  The invoice will reflect $10/credit hour for credits students cross-registered for during the term.
    • Students with Disabilities
      • Students with disabilities, who will need to make reasonable accommodations for their disability at the intended host institution, should first contact the Disabilities Services office at the home institution for guidance in making those arrangements.

Procedures for Registrar's Offices at GC3 Institutions

  • By the established deadline, rosters are provided to each host institution by the home institution of students who have been given Cross Registration forms. This list is verified by the Registrar or GC3 liaison of the host institution. Any problems or discrepancies can be discovered at this time.
  • Verified rosters, or other summary of numbers and cross registration credits are sent to the GC3 Executive Director by the home institution by the established deadline.
  • The GC3 Executive Director prepares a report indicating total number of students and credits generated for that term, and distributes to each institution.
  • The report for summer terms will indicate the amount of tuition to be allocated to each institution, with 1/3 to the home institution and 2/3 to the host institution. However, no tuition money is exchanged for summer Cross Registration among Ohio state assisted institutions.